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Prayers for Ellie Intro


It Is about Helping Ellie Recover

Thank You for visiting the page we created for our daughter Ellie. 

As Always Please keep her in your Prayers and Thoughts!

Updated Sept 29, 2022

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Thank you to everyone who has visited and helped us through this difficult time.

***We will NOT be shutting down this Site on OCT 2020***

What Happen to Ellie

On December 20, 2017, all her hopes, dreams, and aspirations were shattered when she was found lifeless in her apartment having been ASSAULTED & STRANGLED. Paramedics were able to revive her, but she had already suffered massive injuries including a heart attack and anoxic brain injury from lack of oxygen. Because Ellie had only recently moved back to Missouri to finish High school among her friends and peers, the family was tasked with finding a way to get her back to Perry, Utah where her father, MSgt. John Bartlow was stationed at Hill Air Force Base before he retired on 28 Feb 2019.